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What Makes The Blueprint Experience Different?


Our founder, Casey Venters, started The Blueprint Experience for everyone to enjoy his proven system for pain-free fitness. In an industry full of let downs, he wanted to take care of people who seek answers to their health concerns by joining a gym.

There are two things we don’t like we want to change. First, we want to bridge the gap between the clinical world and fitness world. What do you do after physical therapy or chiropractic care? Second, we want to develop great people into great trainers. We are tired of seeing bad training.

Large gyms and small boutiques don’t seem to know how to fix these issues. Large gyms treat members like a transaction, and smaller boutiques lack the amenities you deserve. Both lack whole-scale knowledgeable staff to make sure you don’t get hurt.

Fitness should be individualized and customized to you. That’s why we create a customized Blueprint Report that will tell you exactly what you should do and eat.

At first glance, we are different. But we are only different because you have never experienced fitness the way it should be. We have the best equipment and most caring and knowledgeable staff you will find.

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